Sales is increased by 12% by using this app and sales person are more happy now

We are a company providing IT solutions in a B2B structure. Our technical support executives regularly have to visit client offices for installation and maintenance of hardware and software systems. Our executives would be sent to different locations and once they had finished their work, they would come back to our main office. Our employees use the Find In Map Application on their smartphones which help us to track and generate a report of their movements on a real time basis.

Before we started using the Find In Map Application, there were times when a few of the executives would claim to be at client offices longer than they actually were in order to delay or skip going to the next location. Also, many a times, a particular technician would visit a location based on random choice rather than their actual proximity to the location in the case of more than one call in a day. All this led to considerable loss in both time as well as costs. Not only would our organization incur loss of revenue due to delay in service, we would also have to bear a significantly higher travel costs.

But now, all we need to do is let our employees use the Find In Map Application. It provides accurate real-time location data which helps us to monitor the movements our employees. We can now cut off idle time considerably and thus save costs. Also, we can use the proximity information of our executives to delegate client visits to them efficiently, thus saving the time and costs incurred on transportation and significantly cutting down the risks of backlogs.

The Application is absolutely free and extremely user-friendly. You do not have to be very tech-savvy to use it. The Application collects displays and stores the data through GPS on Google Maps and can run even on 2G networks which thus consume less data. The Find In Map Application has proved to be extremely helpful and reliable for our organization as a whole. I, a Human Resource Manager, would definitely recommend every business organization to use this wonderful Application.

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