More than 600 person fulfil their life's target with this application

I have been working in a private marketing agency since the past 15 years. Given my hectic work schedule i have to spend more than half of the week travelling around the city outskirts. So it was becoming very cumbersome for me to keep a tab on all of my travelling expenses which we need to encash by month end as per company policy. However a friend of mine introduced me to this life changing application and travel expense worries have been ‘Past’ tense for me since then. I have been using the Find In Map application to track, store and retrieve location data of my every day journey.

Before I learnt about this application, I would need to keep the track of my monthly work related travels by scribbling the same down in a notebook. It was becoming increasingly bothersome for me to keep track of things after coming back home from a hectic day at office. Sometimes I even forgot to keep the record which resulted in substantial deduction of my monthly travel allowance.

But now I have installed the Find In Map application for my smartphone. So all I need to do is turn on my data connection and GPS and the rest of the tracking work gets automatically taken care of. It uses GPS and Google Maps and helps to give the user accurate information of their location and movements.

Now whenever I need to submit my monthly travel expense record, I simply open the application and can easily retrieve my auto filled in travel data. The best thing about this app is that it is completely free and gives unlimited access to its users. Running with equal ease on 2G platforms, this app can be you one stop solution for storing, accessing and displaying information with a single swipe of your finger. Being user friendly comes along as added brownie points. So, if you want to save money on GPS tracking without installing any other third party app, you can easily install the Find In Map application which uses your Smartphone’s own GPS.

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