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It’s very hard to get in touch with everyone every time. When any incident happens then our hearts was come in our mouth by interpreting things wrong. We always think to be in touch with all our love once, Family, kid and parents.

Time changes and we have all social sites which keep us near to everyone. But these social sites do not help you to track a reallocation of your individual member. We keep chatting and keep liking each once comments and images but we don’t know whether the person is near to me or far away from having some trouble.

But now we have FIND IN MAP which helps to find the real location with accurate positioning of individual who is connected with me. By FIND IN MAP I can find family person position and their whole day movement, I can easily share my location with my wife and my parents so that they will know where I am. With the help of this, my wife surprises me each day by the opening door without knocking it. It is just like fun for my kids. I can easily find the movements of my children school bus. My wife is not waiting too much time on bus stand for picking them up. Now she left home when the bus is very close to a house.

Thanks for Building mobile app like FIND IN MAP. It helps us a lot to make our day to day life easy. The app is easy to use and acquire less space in my mobile app. And the important things are that it FREE to all. If we are using any kind of GPS technology then we have to invest at least 1000/- per person per month but FIND IN MAP is free to use. Now we are safe and connect to each other via FIND IN MAP.


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